The Power of Conscious Anger

When I heard the word “rage”, I used to immediately think “violence”.

Aggression. Destruction. Out of control. Unreasonable. Not okay.

Learning to direct the power of conscious feelings is an ongoing practice.

Even now, as you are reading this, you might understand with your mind what I am talking about. Understanding will not change anything. Even if you understand the “concept” of numbness, or using conscious anger, this will not bring you new results.

I will tell you a secret: consciously feeling pure adult anger in the moment is ecstatic.

When was the last time that you felt the small anger that told you to tie your hair to get it out of the way? That you felt the anger of confusion, of not knowing? That you felt the anger that fuels you to do the next thing?

I am a Gaïan Mage, co-creating Next Culture in Service to the Earth and all Her Beings while living a fully embodied and adventure-full life!