On the shore of Pushkar Sarovar, in Rajastan. Photo by Céline Hamelin.

Have you ever thought of what it means to be present? I used to think that being present meant emptiness. For 10 years, I was a disciplined Yoga practitioner, pushing thoughts away, emptying my mind.

I built a wall, and put my thoughts, feelings, impressions and intuitions on one side. I put myself on the other side. There! Present. Finished.

Not so simple.

I discovered recently that by emptying my mind, I numb myself. I do not feel anything unless the intensity builds up and explodes in an outburst of tears, anger or stress. …

A true paradise. Clea Chandmal’s farm in Goa, India. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBcxqjMCAt8

Forests. Lusciously green, water-dripping, sunlight-drinking, collaborative, air-producing vegetation. Brimming with insects and critters and animals going about, eating and socializing and building nests and defecating plant-food that fertilizes the forests seeds and feeds them all over again. Can you see it?

The sensation of the humous between my toes. Cool and moist. The leaves brushing against the hair on my legs, against the skin of my face, leaving trails of water droplets shimmering in the sun rays filtering through the dense canopy overhead. Yes.

The smell. Oh, the smell of living, breathing flora feeding on decaying organic matter. Of earthworms…

Brianne Vaillancourt

I am a Gaïan Mage, co-creating Next Culture in Service to the Earth and all Her Beings while living a fully embodied and adventure-full life!

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